AIA affiliate progam

Our affiliate program offers adult contents and the program which are advantages, in order to assure a fat income to you.
Furthermore, since I have adopted the introducer reward system and the continuation reward system, it is possible to continue and to gain a fat income.

The incentive fee of the industry maximum

The incentive fee of AIA is a maximum of 100%!The height of this incentive fee is our own.

Site A 1-8%
Site B 1-10%
Site C(adult contents) 30-40%
AIA(adult contents) 55-100%

Continuation reward system

The AIA affiliation site provides service with an automatic charging system.
That is, not only the newly subscribers but while your guest remains in the service, or pays for additional service, you will continuously receive your reward every month.

Introducer reward system

The greatest feature to which the AIA affiliate program is specializing in adult contents is the height of the reward rate.
While the reward rate of other affiliate programs treating common goods is usually 1 to 10%, in the reduction rate of AIA, it is proud of the overwhelmingly high numerical value of 55 to 100%.

The supportive tool of reliance

We offer you a managed system to support your advertising and accounts.

Member's page

Our affiliate program is preparing the "member page" which the reward and ad clicks can see in real time.
It can be similarly referred to not only for initial remuneration but for continuation remuneration at any time.
It is the foundation of the confidential relation construction between AIA and affiliators to show real time information, and it is our business basic position.

An excellent site

Our affiliation site offers much attractive contents centering on a popular Net distribution site also in the on-line adult industry.

The download service of an adult movie

We have been attracting customers by sponsoring sites with wide varieties of category.

Our affiliation site is 'Adult Contents Download' service.
These services are mainly based on monthly fixed charges.

Wide variety category

Our sponsor sites have wide range of category such as general AV work, maniac AV work and etc.
Affiliators can choose whatever contents to advertise on your sites.

Abundant advertisement materials

We offer affiliators with wide variety of advertisements. You may chose any types of ads which matches your websites.

Still picture banner The most general picture ads.
GIF animated banner Animated ads using GIF picture.
FLASH banner Animated ads using FLASH with plenty of information.
Movie banner Movie ads including sample product.
Campaign banner Picture ads with campaign of sponsor site.
Auto updated banner Picture ads that updates periodically.
Your original banner The banner made in person can also be used.

About a original banner

As long as you set up the links as directed, you may create your own banners in any types which also counts your reward.
You may use the thumbnails, images, and sample movies from the sponsor sites accordingly.

Excellent support

Your inquiries are handled by our professional staffs.
When we judge that we are necessary for suggestions from you, we take measures as soon as possible.

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