How to get rewards

Easy Steps!

1. Registration : Member registration at no charge.
2. Advertise : Introduce it on your website.
3. Get Reward : Reward is received according to sales.

Reward sum total the previous month is checked on a member page.
If you feel to receive your reward, move on to 'Request for Reward' page.
Simply click 'Send Request' button, and your request will be submitted.
You will receive your reward to your registered bank account on '10th of the month after next'.

About reward outcomes

Three patterns of reward;newly subscribe, recurring member, and aia referral program.

Newly subscribe

Up most 70% reward will be rewarded to you when your guests subscribes to our sponsor sites.

Recurring member

Most of our sponsor sites are 'Monthly Fixed', which enables countinuous charge while your guest remains in the service.
If not only new admission but a member uses service continuously, some sales will be returned as an incentive fee.

Aia referral program

When an AIA affiliate program is introduced and an initial registration person appears from there in an AIA affiliate program, and 5% of the incentive fees of the introduced direction are the systems of being permanently added to your reward.


The payment method of reward can only be paid through bank transfer (cost $20 fee).
Since the information on a bank account is needed for remittance, there is the necessity of having information inputted by "edit of registration information" of a management page.
The minimum amount required for payment is set to US$100.
When sales proceeds are less than $100, your request will be carried over to incoming month.
Your request will be carried over till the month which amounts to US$100, when sales proceeds are less than US$100.
Moreover, the stock of reward is possible even when it is over $100.

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