What is an affiliate?

An affiliate is an incentive fee type advertising system.
If sales occur from the advertisement published to the site which aphylly affiliater is managing, affiliate remuneration will occur.
"An income is obtained always for 24 hours without applying most costs."
This is the biggest draw of an affiliate.
Moreover, since remuneration occurs as continuation sales when the additional purchase of the time of a buyer doing continuous purchase or the point is carried out, it becomes long-term business and can increase an income every month.

If it is people with a homepage, anyone can participate in right now.

If it has a website, anyone can participate in an affiliate program.
From the day which participated, advertisement becomes possible and does not keep you waiting.

A fat income is expectable!

You can give publicity from the advertisement of various category.
A rate of pay is the industry leader.

Depending on monthly sales, remuneration is continuously paid to you.

It is a system which the same remuneration also as a continued part of not only new sales but a monthly continued part generates.
Because a reward is caused unless a buyer resigns, it becomes the long-term business, and can increase an income every month.

An introducer program is also carried. [5% of bonus rate]

When you introduce an affiliate program, we prepare the "introducer program" paid to you 5% of the person's sales.
Almost all remuneration can be the sales from an introducer.
Since all the sales of an introducer are calculated as remuneration, it leads also to the further income rise.

Sales information can check in real time at a management site for exclusive use.

It is the system which removed completely the "uncertainty" which is also a problem of an affiliate program.
You can check the sales compensation has occurred at the moment.

An advertising material with abundant variations is offered. Furthermore, advertisement with high flexibility is also possible.

We are preparing many banners, flashes, and IFRAME as an advertisement material.
Since even people without a beginner or time can use it as it is, an advertising campaign is simply possible.
Of course there is no problem in your own ads.it is possible to perform very free advertisement.

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