Term Of Use

All affiliated partners are subject to agree to the following conditions. When the following advertisement prohibited acts are checked, AIA reserves all the authority to enforce erasion of account, and sales deletion. If no response is made when contacted by AIA in regards to the suspicion of violated conduct within 7 days AIA automatically withholds the rights to suspend any activities on the subjected ID.

1st Over All

All affiliated partners shall observe completely all the agreement and conditions which are defined by here. AIA has the right to refuse the payment of advertisement / sales remuneration, to the affiliate program participation in violation of these agreement and conditions.

2nd Service Refusal Condition

AIA shall refuse offer of service to the affiliate partner who is not suitable as an advertising website. Our company shall judge uniquely judgment that it is not suitable, and AIA does not assume duty to indicate the reason.

3rd Responsibility of Operation

To the advertising website which the affiliate partner published, an affiliate partner shall have responsibility. AIA takes no responsibility to an affiliate partner's advertising website.

4th Prohibited Actions

The affiliate partner should not perform the prohibited acts provided in below.

5th Termination Penalty by Prohibited Actions

The sales by prohibited acts presuppose that it is invalid entirely, and AIA has the right to cancel this contract on a target on the other hand, and the right to refuse all the payments. Moreover, when AIA suffers damage from it, AIA can state reparations to an affiliate partner.

6th Payment of Reward

7th Applicant's Unsubscribe

The affiliate partner can cancel this contract at any time, if cancellation procedure in an affiliate partner's member page is performed.

8th Applicant's Termination

AIA shall have the right to erase registration always, after advance notice to an affiliate partner.

9th Confidentiality

We will not disclose applicant's information to other person or organization. Like wise, applicants should not disclose any of information regarding our service.

10th Affiliate Partner's Qualification

Qualification as an affiliate partner is carried out as follows.

11th Damage Discharge

We do not take responsibility upon applicants using our service wether it may be direct or indirect. May the applicant cause a damage to other party, applicant should resolve the matter and we do not interfere with this.

12th Nondisclosure Provision of Criteria

The refusals and prohibited actions may determined by us, and for security reasons, we do not disclose any of these information. Applicants should not challenge for objections.

13th Compliance with the Regulations

18 or more years old or adulthood age shall be an adult (20 years old or 21 year-old or more) about the area of 20 years old or 21 years old, and an affiliate partner shall observe statutes in and outside the country and rules, and shall follow this.

14th Update of Term of Use

This Term of Use and statements may be updated without advanced notice to the applicants. The update will be noticed on member's area and the Terms of Use makes an effect right after.

15th Reward of Applicants Referral Applicants

Applicants and referral applicants should not undertake prohibited actions listed below. Any prohibited actions revealed may face service termination penalty.

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